Logo_TKH_wer_pozioma_kolorHistory Book Fair is a promotional and informational event, organized annually, with free enterance. It is accompanied by a number of other events, author meetings, book promotions and screenings of feature films and documentaries. The Fair takes place in The Kubicki Arcades Museum, part of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Admission to the Fair and all events in completely free.

The Fair was initiated over twenty years ago by Porozumienie Wydawców Książki Historycznej (Association of History Books’ Publishers). Now the Fair is organized by Fundacji Historia i Kultura (History and Culture Foundation). The Fair oe of the key statuatory aims of both organizations.

Thanks to the numerous additional events accompaning them, the Fair are very popular amongst people interested in history and therefore fulfil their main aim, which is the popularization of historical literature.

The shape of the Fair evolves with each year. So far, during the Fair, the attendee could visit theme rooms, such as Musem Room (Salon Muzealny), Library Room (Salon Biblioteczy) or Antiquarian Room (Salon Antykwaryczny). One of our goals is to initiate international cooperation with our neighbours. Publishers from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Rusia and Germany have visited the Fair. We have organized exhibitions about the works of foreign publishers, for example Belorussian Books Room and Russian Books Room.

Fruitful cooperation with our partners (e.g. Royal Castle in Warsaw, Stowarzyszenie Muzealników Polskich – Association of Polish Museum Workers, Polish Librarians’ Association, National Institute of Museology and Preservation of Historical Collections) have made the Fair more and more atractive and popular, what is confirmed by the icreasing number of participants.

The Fair are not only a cultural event, but also the place to meet the publishers, exchange experience and buy books at bargain price. Katalog Wydawnictw Historycznych (Catalogue of History Books’ Publishers), prepared by the Foundation, is the main source of information about new and exceptional titles published in the field of history.

In order to distinguish in contribution of Polish authors to popularization of history and to appreciate the publishers of history books, each year KLIO Prize is awarded in four categories:

– to authors for individual contribution to popularization of history),
– to publishers for publishing interesting series etc.,
– to historical monography for substantial contribution to the study of history,
– other, according to Jury’s recognition or sponsors’ suggestion.


Polish and foreign publishers of history books are welcome to contact the History and Culture Foundation. For over 20 years, the Fair have been taking place in the last weekend of November.
Fundacja Historia i Kultura
ul. Bema 87
01-233 Warszawa
Tel. + 48 22 45 70 405, + 48 22 70 407
Tel. +48 603 170 560
Email: ewa.cieslak@bellona.pl

Association of History Books’ Publishers
Association of History Books’ Publishers has been initiated in 1992 by Wydawnictwo Bellona (Bellona Publishing House). The aim behind the Association was to halt the negative tendencies on the Polish market of books propagating history. Assotiation’s Signatories uniformly obliged to mutually act to popularize, advertize and promote publishers of books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, computer programmes and games about history. The cooperation’s aim was to regulare the publishing policies, efficient and fuller information circulation about readers’ needs, publishers’ activities and tendencies in publishing. In the initial stage, 8 publishers joined the associaton. The number of participants has been increasing over the yearsand now is almost 60. Their publishing list accounts for almost 90% of history books published yearly.

The important element of Association’s acivity was the establishment of KLIO Prize for the contribution of Polish authors and publishers in the popularization of history and history literature. It is awarded by an independent Jury which includes well-know figures in the field (including Prof. J. Tazbir, Prof. H. Samsonowicz, Prof. Dr Tomasz Szarota).

Amongst all of the Association’s actions, one cannot forget the most essential one – History Book Fair (Targach Książki Historycznej). As the organizer of the Fair, the Association as if fulfills its mission in two ways – it gives readers the opportunity to contact publishers directly over the four days of the Fair and it also allows the publishers to present their publications to the visitors. Association has apointed the History and Culture Foundation as the executive branch responsible for organizing the Fair since 2004.

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