Let's Read

Festival of Children and YA Books


Festival of Children and YA Books “Let’s Read”

Festival of Children and YA Books “Let’s Read” is aimed at everybody interested in literature, publishing market or seeking an interesting way to spend free time. The course of the Festival is suited to children’s needs and that it the reason why we organize most of the acitivities with them in mind. We are hoping that this year, as in the past years, parents and grandparents will be the next most numerous groups visiting the Fair, right after children. The event was established as a meeting place of publishers, booksellers, authors, translators, illustrators, librarians, academic circles with readers and potential client. Enabling a dialogue between those groups creates a scape for discussion about the state of publishing market. During the Festival, a numer of additional events take place. Their aim is to encourage reading, spending free time actively and family integration.

Feel free to conact the History and Culture Foundation:

Fundacja Historia i Kultura
ul. Bema 87
01-233 Warszawa
tel. + 48 22 45 70 405, + 48 22 70 407
tel. +48 601 457 030
email: joanna.sasinowska@bellona.pl


  • Propagation of reading among children;
  • Organizing a big event promoting reading and good books, which would become a significang regular cultural event in Warsaw;
  • Engaging and integrating the entities which support reading (publishers, associations, cultural and educational institutions);
  • Giving children’s books publishers the ability to contact buyers/readers direct and presenting their current publishing lists;
  • Presenting the initiatives promoting active recreation among children and teenagers;
  • Promoting and advertising valuable publications: books, magazines, audiovisual materials, computer programmes and games for children and teenagers;
  • Supporting cultural and educatonal initiatives, especially ones concerning children education and promoting ambitious books, in terms of subject matter, editorial or graphic sense.

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