History and Culture Foundation also issues publications promoting knowledge of history, military and Polish culture.

Our successes include the book Teatry Warszawy 1944 −1945 (Theatres of Warsaw 1944-1945) by Tomasz Mościcki, which was awarded the Warszawska Nagroda Literacka ( Warsaw Literary Prize). We have also published military books, for example bilingual Polscy Żołnierze w Afganistanie (Polish Soldiers in Afghanistan), which is in Polish and English.

Foundation also cooperates with the only Polish educational history magazine – “Mówią wieki” (“Centuries Talk”). It prepares special issues devoted to particular topics. The special issue entitled “Orsza 1514” (“Orsha 1514”), in Polish and Belorussian, was an unquestionable achievement.

The Foundation also prepares Katalog Wydawnictw Historycznych (Catalogue of History Book Pulishers) for the History Book Fair and catalogues for the room exhibitions, such as Catalogue of Belorussian Books Room and Catalogue of Russian Books Room.

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